January 30, 2009


greetings all,

below is the information to send donations to the trust fund that has been set up for Oscar Grant's daughter, Tatiana. as you know,Oscar was murdered by a b.a.r.t. police officer, in oakland, earlier this month. i encourage you to send whatever you can. we must take more responsibilities for our children; not just in this situation but overall.


Tatiana Grant Trust Fund, account number 3879027641, Wells Fargo Bank, 950 Southland Drive, Hayward, Calif., 94545

January 29, 2009

another murder done by the police...Annete Garcia

greetings yall,

please see the below press release on the murder of Annete Garcia by the police. i will continue to post more information as it becomes available. we must not allow police brutality and the murder of people in our communities to go without action!

Annete Garcia Murdered -- Brown Beret Press Release
by Brown Berets Wednesday Jan 28th, 2009 10:20 PM
An account has been set up to help the family cover funeral expenses. Donations can be sent to: First National Bank of Southern California Routing # 122240751 Checking acct # 002126443
PRESS RELEASE – Brown Berets de Aztlan, Riverside County CA. 1/27/09 On January 21, 2009, Annette Garcia, a mother of 6 and a member of the Brown Berets de Aztlan, was shot and killed by a Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy in the presence of her children. Annette was born October 25th 1980, and was raised in Indio, California. She was well known throughout the Riverside County by the thousands of people her life touched, she will be deeply missed. Annette was holding a knife but posed no imminent threat to anyone. She was shot from a short distance as she was walking away. Her husband and children were detained by the Sheriffs department trying to force a statement from them without the presence of their lawyer. Further details cannot be given until an official statement is released by the witnesses. This is considered a wrongful death and is being protested by the Brown Berets as another senseless murder by the Riverside County Sheriffs department. The Riverside County sheriffs have had a long history of abuse and officer involved shootings, this being their latest in a series of shootouts that have left many families mourning and asking why. Annette joined the Brown Berets in 2008 seeking to better her life and serve in her community. The Brown Berets were created in 1967 in response to the widespread police abuse that was affecting the Chicano communities throughout the southwest. Education, ending gang violence, serving the community, and protecting the Chicano community are the main priorities of the Brown Berets. It is ironic how a member of an organization that is committed to fighting police abuse was killed by a police officer. It has been over 35 years since any of our members have been killed by a police officer. We mourn the murder of such a notable member of our organization and for this cause we are announcing a candlelight vigil to be held on Thursday, January 29th beginning at the Bobby Bonds Park in Riverside, CA. at 5 pm and marching to the Riverside County jail in Downtown Riverside. A march and protest will be held on Saturday, January 31st in the same location starting at 10 am, with a press conference being held at 1 pm. An account has been set up to help the family cover funeral expenses. Donations can be sent to: First National Bank of Southern California Routing # 122240751 Checking acct # 002126443 Any support you can give, whether volunteering your time or monetary support, will be greatly appreciated.

January 23, 2009

art project for a rainy day- paper beads

aaah how fun! i never posted a project on myspace before. it so has nothing to do with my music; but, has everything to do with my background working with kids. i tell you, i was a queen of glitter and i danced around to music not in english and was all about art lol. yes, they thought i was a bit crazy but that works really well with the elementary age crowd lol. i literally have years of art curriculum that i designed sitting in boxes, so every once and a while i will share an one. anywho, short art project:

old magazines (national geographic is great)

white glue


small paint brush (if no tip on the glue or if you have multiple children)

pencil (chopstick, pen)

embroidery string (or whatever kind you have)

*choose super colorful or crazily designed pages and rip from the magazine

*cut them into long triangle shapes that have one end about inch and a half or so wide, and the other end a sharp point (you can play around with your shapes)

*starting with the wider end, start wrapping it tightly around the pencil (chopstick, pen), and continue to wrap until there is very little of the point end left

*apply a a small amount of the glue with the paintbrush (or the glue tip...i have also used a toothpick for applying glue with older children)

*finish wrapping completely and hold down until the paper will stay down on its own

*make as many beads as you wish

*let completely dry and then put them on your string in the way that you wish and of course, wear them!!!!

-just some notes. you can choose to mix about equal parts of glue and water and lightly brush the beads once the have done their first drying. the best way to dry the beads if you choose to do this is to put them on a piece of string and hang them so that they don't stick to any surface. you can also add glitter to this glue mixture. this mixture will leave a slight shine and will make the beads a bit more sturdy; although, they are surprisingly sturdy on their own.

-whenever i would do this i would give a brief history on beads. it is also an opportunity to talk about recycled art! in terms of child development, this is good for hand eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

-the internet was not as on and poppin when i originally put these projects together lol. so many projects are shared between educators that it is really up to you and your children to put a twist on them. as i always told my children, "art is how you want to make it". being that i can find cool things on the internet now, i will give you a couple links for a visual and history:



-have fun!



FOR PARENTS-peanut butter recall list

greetings parents,

the title of this blog is a link to the FDA list of products that contain peanut butter that have been recalled. so, just click the title of this blog and off you go:) little people and big people love peanut butter so let's just keep it safe! i can't remember the last time i put peanut butter on my apples...


the dream is not complete (collective responsibility)

I am ecstatic with the swearing in of President Obama! I believe this is an important moment in history that is pregnant with possibility. The fact that no child can ever again not know that it is possible for a Black man to be the president is monumental. The fact that we have a beautiful example of a Black family for the World to see is a gift. These among many other blessings stand alone.

I do not, however, believe that Martin Luther King’s dream has been recognized. I am not interested in a CNN poll that tells me that 69% of African Americans believe that “the dream” has been achieved. When I see a number like this, I can only think that we only paid attention to one part, of one speech, and do not know the true history of what King was fighting for before his assassination. Economic justice, pursued in the form of the Poor People’s Campaign, became a movement deferred shortly after King was assassinated. This was a movement against poverty; and, was part of the “second phase” of the Civil Rights movement. This was a dangerous idea because poverty crosses all racial and cultural lines; and, King invited everyone to join. When you begin to get everyone to come together for a common cause, then you are a true threat to the corrupt foundations of our society. Obama is powerful in this way; in many ways, he is supported across the board.

Watching Obama take that long walk before he came out into the cold day to be sworn in was powerful. I am sure it was powerful in every classroom, community center, jail, office, living room, and on every street corner that had a public television. All day the celebration, the feeling of having been instrumental parts of facilitating change; people smiled and felt connected. I am not here to rain on anyone’s tea party. Obama being president does not make this a post-racial society. Neither does his being president automatically reduce the number of Black and Brown men and women in jail; dismantle the prison industrial complex; turn heat on in classrooms; properly educate children; stop police brutality; eliminate poverty; nor, stop gang violence. There is so much for us to do! People are trying to save children today, the same way that they were trying the day before.

I do not want to see us become complacent. I do not want us to simply rest the future of our children and communities on the back of one brilliant man. It is not that I do not think that President Obama is capable of being an effective and inspiring leader. President Obama has a blank slate with me; I am open and receptive to whatever he may offer; at this point. It is more that poverty and the impacts of it from a holistic perspective were not addressed in Obama’s campaign. It was John Edwards who talked of poverty by calling it by its name; attempting too provide faces for the unwanted and unseen. Somewhere along the line, everything became about the middle class as if there were no economic social status below that. I know it is often difficult to face the truth; but, the increase in numbers of those living in poverty, here and around the World, continue to rise at an alarming and heartbreaking rate. Many people are giving more than their fair share; many people are giving nothing at all; and then, there are others of us who could be giving more. I am speaking of a collective ‘we’ and ‘us’.

Children are the future of any resistance and revolution; this is why my focus is on them. It did not become our responsibility to pay more attention to them on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 12:05 PM. I applaud every one who feels inspired to work towards change; but, please don’t tell me that “the dream” has been achieved. Because we have been oppressed and repressed for so long we are often apt to accept an incomplete offering of justice. Empires have been built and destroyed at the hands of one man. President Obama seems to be a wonderful man; full of desire, purpose, honesty and compassion. I will call his name out if true change does not effectively occur, just as everyone should. I did not vote for Obama because he is Black and I will not quiet my voice if I don’t like where we are headed because he is Black either. I am not loyal to a political system or party that still allows slavery in the form of imprisonment; I will not be so dedicated to Obama, or any man, that I will blindly follow him with disregard too what I can see with my own eyes. I am willing to do my part.

It is our responsibility to better our communities every single day. If you are one who recently became inspired, I am excited for you! If you are someone who has committed their life and has been re-inspired, I am excited as well! I believe that there is a collective sense of purpose and I am committed to being an active participant! This is simply a reminder that it is only through collective participation that we can turn dreams into reality. This is simply a pledge from me to remain to be involved. There was never just one dream; there is infinite space for dreams to be created and manifested into destiny. President Obama is a piece of healing; a piece of hope; a piece of change. As Obama has continuously stated, the change is all of us.

I want to honor those who work every day to save our children and our communities; who fight for economic justice; who rail against globalization and privatization; who offer tangible forms of resistance and revolution; who riot against police brutality; who hold children in their arms as they hide from bombs; and, who breathe hope into the children who will be the future dreamers. Time will show us the worth of us as a collective; and, the worth of one man.


p.s. this only has caps cuz i originally wrote it at work lol


greetings! so, it is a cold, rainy, and slow day at work and i decided that i would take my fan's advice and start a blog that is not on my myspace page lol. it has been offered to me that i should attempt to share with a larger audience. it is weird to think that people who have not signed up on my myspace (www.myspace.com/thatgirlmystic) page would really care what i may have to share. i am a student of both life and academics. i am a lover and defender of children. i am an artist who believes that music can bring us peace of spirit; at least for the duration of a song or album lol. i believe in beautiful resistance and the necessity for revolution. i believe in justice. i don't know how often i will be here but i tend to think and feel a lot. i should really be getting my new album out ("beautiful resistance") but the universe works on its on time continuum lol. i am known as a lol queen and you should know that i only write it when i really laugh. i just wanted to introduce myself briefly before i pour out pieces of my soul to you lol. seriously, i don't know what i will do with this space but we shall journey together. i am taking "anthropology of religion, witchcraft, and magic" and "the world's greatest religions" starting in february so we may get some musings on that. to muse is to contemplate, think deeply about, or to meditate on. a muse is a guiding spirit, a source of inspiration, or a poet. i have grown fond of saying that "i would rather be the muse of a wise man than married to an idiot" (no, you can't have that lol). i write in lower case for a reason that i may share one day-no i don't write my academic papers this way lol. i love to cook; i am an underground goddess; i rescue angels; i love the fact president bush is not the president anymore!!!! anywho, i will being sharing poems, thoughts, march and rally locations, resistance actions, recipes, art projects for kids, and whatever i please...i am multifaceted and multidimensional lol.