January 23, 2009


greetings! so, it is a cold, rainy, and slow day at work and i decided that i would take my fan's advice and start a blog that is not on my myspace page lol. it has been offered to me that i should attempt to share with a larger audience. it is weird to think that people who have not signed up on my myspace (www.myspace.com/thatgirlmystic) page would really care what i may have to share. i am a student of both life and academics. i am a lover and defender of children. i am an artist who believes that music can bring us peace of spirit; at least for the duration of a song or album lol. i believe in beautiful resistance and the necessity for revolution. i believe in justice. i don't know how often i will be here but i tend to think and feel a lot. i should really be getting my new album out ("beautiful resistance") but the universe works on its on time continuum lol. i am known as a lol queen and you should know that i only write it when i really laugh. i just wanted to introduce myself briefly before i pour out pieces of my soul to you lol. seriously, i don't know what i will do with this space but we shall journey together. i am taking "anthropology of religion, witchcraft, and magic" and "the world's greatest religions" starting in february so we may get some musings on that. to muse is to contemplate, think deeply about, or to meditate on. a muse is a guiding spirit, a source of inspiration, or a poet. i have grown fond of saying that "i would rather be the muse of a wise man than married to an idiot" (no, you can't have that lol). i write in lower case for a reason that i may share one day-no i don't write my academic papers this way lol. i love to cook; i am an underground goddess; i rescue angels; i love the fact president bush is not the president anymore!!!! anywho, i will being sharing poems, thoughts, march and rally locations, resistance actions, recipes, art projects for kids, and whatever i please...i am multifaceted and multidimensional lol.



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  1. Hi! I'm glad you started a blog because I am a fan of your music and writing. I read your blogs on myspace and they are always interesting and thought provoking.